Everyday Adventures.

Your adventure begins here and now.

Every day. Every day is different. Every day is an adventure. That's exactly what the Everyday Adventures Project is – and the G 310 GS is your perfect companion. We surprised two South African adventurists with a G 310 GS and sent them on their very own Everyday Adventure. Find out what they experienced on the G 310 GS.

Episode #1: Find your wilderness

Imagine coming home from your morning jog and waiting outside your door is a G 310 GS with your name on it, with the challenge "Find your wilderness". That's exactly what happened to Fhatuwani. Surprised but ready for the challenge, he embarked on his very own Everyday Adventure. In the following you can see what he experienced.

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It's important for me to have new experiences. They make me what I am.

Fhatuwani Mukheli

Episode #2: Do something you've never done before

Brad usually doesn't wait for adventure to come to him. It's up to him to make sure that his life is full of variety. But one day he looks out the window and sees a G 310 GS in his front garden. There's a note with his name on it and a challenge: Do something you've never done before. Today the Everyday Adventures Project is adding variety to his life, and Brad doesn't hesitate to set out on his adventure.

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Life is a journey. There will always be boring moments. But it's up to you to make sure that life has just as many exciting moments.

Brad Klynsmith

You have decided

Voting is over - and you've chosen the most exciting adventures in the front seats. Now the adventure-hungry jury is on it and selects from the 10 finalists the best. So stay tuned and find out who the winner is. And if you still need inspiration for your own adventures, here's the top 10 Everyday Adventures: 


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A thirst for adventure.

Every day with the G 310 GS.

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